Moving on with your life after a breakup with your boyfriend can be quite a challenge even when you are the one who initiated the breakup. With time, you may start to feel a little lonely and hurting from the effect of the breakup and may layer begin contemplating to get back together with your ex boyfriend.

Some relationships are actually better broken up. The first question to be answered here would be whether or not you should really be considering getting back together with your ex boyfriend? Is the time and energy you are going to put into getting him back really worth it. More so, what are your main reasons for this sudden change of heart? Is it because of the loneliness you are currently going through? Do you honestly feel you made a mistake and so think you want him back?

Your decision to breakup with your ex boyfriend must have been painful but might have equally been the right one as is often the case. You have to come to terms with the reasons you broke up with him and if the reasons are good, especially if the relationship was an abusive one, then you just have to stick to your decision and not to allow the current emotional upheavals you may going through make you rescind your decision.

Considering going to back to your ex boyfriend is not an issue to be rushed into. What are your mean reasons for wanting to get back together with him? Has he made any significant changes dealing with the major reasons why you decided to leave the relationship in the first place? And even when you have noticed some changes in him, they are often superficial and you might equally be overstating the facts about the changes you think you have noticed. Remember that you are in a situation where your decisions are most of the time irrational and skewed because of your vested interested in getting back together with your ex. Therefore it is still very important to give yourself some space to clear your mind and think a little better about your reasons for wanting to get back together with him. You need to make sure you avoid the temptation of rushing back into the relationship.

Therefore, the most important step you have to take in this situation is to take your time if ever you decide to consider getting back together with him. If you come to a point where you honestly realize that your decision of breaking up with him was premature and hasty, and that the relationship is actually worth saving, then your work has been cut out for you already.

get back together 300×212 Do You Move On or Get Back Together With Your Boyfriend?
Do You Move On or Get Back Together With Your Boyfriend?

It is important for you to also realize that you have hurt him in ways he may not be able to express at the moment, and therefore you have to be careful when attempting to get back together with him.

You will obviously want to meet with him and explain the reasons behind your decision to breakup with him. During this proposed reconciliation meeting, it is also important for you to be able to come up with very honest and good explanations for the decision to end the relationship.

Call him up and fix to meet with him only when you know that you are fully ready for it. You need to be well composed for this meeting because your overall comportment will go a long way in helping your points come across better. In a calm, rational and honest manner explain to him the reasons you decided to breakup.

Let him know, honestly, that since the breakup, you had some time to think over your decision and have come to realize that you made a mistake and judged him wrongly. Tell him you’ve come to realize just how good you were together as a couple and that you really want him back. Honestly promise him that you are not going to make the same mistake again and that you are ready to do whatsoever it takes on your part to the make the relationship a success if given another chance.

After making your points about your decision, it’s time for you to stand down and let him come to a conclusion by himself. His decision at this point cannot be guaranteed. If however, he decides that he can no longer trust you and doesn’t want to get back together with you, accept his decision just like he accepted yours and move on.

Your ex boyfriend’s decision above may stern from the fact that he simply doesn’t want to play into your arms like that but may be wants some time to go over what you have told him and come up with a better decision. So don’t lose hope if his initially response was on the negative.

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